iris scanIris scanning is now used extensively throughout the world to confirm identity. It has proven to be the most reliable and accurate form of biometric data; it virtually impossible to falsify and iris scan and it is hygienic and non-evasive. Iris scanning is more accurate than a finger print because there is less chance of damage to the iris than there is to a fingerprint. Additionally, the iris is difficult to forge because it leaves no mark. The iris is ageless; it consists of 247 independent variables – this is more than treble those of a fingerprint.

When collecting biometric data, the iris scanner records multiple images of the iris. No physical contact is made with the actual iris and the process is over in a matter of seconds. The scan cannot damage or harm your sight in any way.

When your eyes are scanned you stand in front of a machine and an LED light is shone into your eye for a brief period so that the iris can be illuminated; the light is not bright and does not exceed the eye hazard limits set by US and European standards. The iris camera then takes a black and white picture of the iris.

You do not have to remove non colored / non patterned contact lenses, nor do you need to remove your glasses. Colored and/ or patterned contact lenses and highly reflective, mirrored, polarized, bifocal and sun glasses cause too much reflection and prevent the scanner from taking suitable images and in these instances you will be asked to remove your glasses or contact lenses.

There is no evidence to prove that laser eye surgery will have an adverse effect on the scan as surgery does not alter the iris shape. Changes to the iris caused by damage/disease that occurs after the initial iris scan and may lead to the applicant needing assistance at the kiosk.

When using the iris recognition cameras at the kiosks, you must ensure that you stand 10 to 15 cm away from the camera. You must focus one eye on the camera and stand still until the computer indicates identification is completed.


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