meeting 2All APEC applicants must attend a compulsory interview at an enrollment center of their choice. Failure to schedule or attend an interview will result in immediate denial to the APEC program. The interview takes place with an agent from the Canadian Border Services Agency and one from the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency. The interview lasts for around 30 minutes; during this time the interviewing officer takes the applicants biometric data which consist of the following:-

  • A photograph of the applicant;
  • Digital fingerprint scan
  • Iris scans (please check which enrollment centers offer this facility)

The border crossing agent will also authenticate the information provided on the application form by checking it against the applicant’s original documentation (passport, proof of address etc). The enrollment officer will also explain how the program works and answer any questions. After 7-10 days you will receive your APEC membership card in the post. APEC membership is valid for 3 years. Applicants will be told at the interview if they have been approved for the APEC program. Once the membership card has been received and activated you can use the APEC kiosks and NEXUS lanes.


Terms & Conditions

FPC is a private company specializing in applications for global fast track and registered traveler services. We are not related to any government agency and cannot affect the outcome of your membership application. Please refer to our terms and conditions before purchasing our service. The PayPal fee is for the FPC application checking and processing service. You will be required to pay additional fees either at your interview or from the credit card provided on your application form. All fees for the service you are buying are explained on this webpage. We issue refunds when we have not processed your application. Please email us at with your refund request. FPC is not accountable for any information, omissions or errors written on the website or on the application form. The maximum liability for any circumstance will not exceed the purchase price.

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